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All pickups sold and traded here come with a 30 DAY GUARANTEE. This guarantees the pickup to be in perfect functional condition and as described. All pickups are tested, inspected and repaired if necessary. If you should somehow receive a pickup which is not functioning or as described, you can exchange it or have your money refunded. Guarantee is void if the pickup is modified(that includes changing the leads). If a pickup has been repaired or rewound the description will say so.

A bad pickup for exchange would be one which is unknown, low quality, broken, or a model I just have too many of. Contact me to determine if your trade is "good" or "bad" and actual trade in discount. A good pickup is a working pickup of similar type, but nothing particularly special. A dead vintage pickup may qualify as "good". For certain pickups, straight up trades may be negotiated. All prices include standard shipping USPS in continental US. I will also buy your unwanted pickups outright.


I also make custom wound pickups and offer repair/ rewind services. Prices are very competitive. For models and prices go here.


Current Inventory

**To go to the manufacturers site for model information, click on thier name.

**To see a picture of the pickup, click on it's name(if underlined).

Bill Lawrence

L490 HB: Exc, 14k $SOLD

L500 Lead HB: Older model, Double Creme in chrome surround, 6" 4 wire lead, VG+ $SOLD

2 L250: black painted creme covers, VG $30ea

Dean Markley

Pro Mag: EXC, $35.00



60's-70's Soundhole pickup: 8.98k VG+ SOLD

Y2K Pair: NEW! White inserts, EXC+ $SOLD



FS1: Stacked singlecoil size humbucker, Incorrect white cover (a bit too short), staggered d&g poles non-beveled alnico, 3" 4 conductor +shield, 13.5k, G+, $30, leads extended $5

Distortion: Double cream, 13.65k, G+, $35

Distortion: Double cream, 13.35k, VG+, $SOLD

PAF type: 15.5k VG $30

PAF type: all slug poles15.5k G+, $30

PAF Soapbar Bass pickup: Cream humbucker, 8 allen poles, 14.9k, 14" 4conductor+ shield lead, VG+ SOLD



Tele neck position stacked humbucker: Vintage Rhythm Stack, standard tele neck size with cover. 15.15k, 7" 4 wire+shield leads, exc+, SOLD

Staggered Alnico singlecoils(2): no covers, 5" leads, staggered alnico polepieces, aprox 13k. EXC, $35

Duncan Custom Stagger: dewound to 9.5k 7: leads, Exc, SOLD

Duncan Distortion: Exc, 6" 4+ground leads, $SOLD

Duncan AlnicoII Pro Lead: telecaster bridge pickup, short leads, Exc+, $40.00. new leads +$SOLD

Duncan Little 59 Tele bridge: 5" 4+ground leads, Exc+, SOLD

Broadcaster Tele Bridge P/U: 10" cloth leads, EXC+, $45

SEY II: "seymourized", zebra HB, 5" 4 wire leads, VG, $SOLD

SH1- '59 HB: white, neck model, 15" single condutor, $45



58-59 strat set: Black bobbins, Formivar wire, Hand wound, wax potted, staggered beveled poles, 6.1-6.2k, 2 are completely original, 1 "vintage correct" rewind (hand wound w/ NOS formivar wire) had scraps of original cloth "push back" wire on them, but it was too short to be useful. VG+, $600 SOLD

60's strat: Aged white plastic cover, dark grey bottom black top, Stamped date code's hard to read.. 13 6...(black ink), non-staggered non-beveled alnico poles, enamel coated wire, no leads, repaired, 5.64k, S, wax potted, VG+, SOLD

Late 50's-Early 60's Telecaster Bridge pickup: Black bobbin, non-staggered flat polepieces, enamel wire, cotton cord wrapped, no date, original copper plate/solder connection, 7.57k, S, wax potted, 7" braided shield lead(not original, newer solder joints), VG+, SOLD

50's Telecaster Bridge pickup: Black bobbin, non-staggered flat polepieces, Formvar wire, cotton cord wrapped, no date, baseplate missing, dead, N polarity A3 magnets, re-potted, 7" original leads, VG+, SOLD

'68 Telecaster Bridge: Staggered poles, grey bottom, ink pen dated 8/27/68 and initialed CM(?), missing baseplate and leads, VG+, SOLD

'73 Telecaster Bridge: Grey Bottom Bobbin, staggered non-beveled poles, cotton cord wrapped, S polarity A5 magnets, original baseplate, ink stamp dated 1973, new leads and repotted, 6.02k EXC, SOLD

Telecaster Bridge: Looks to be a vintage reissue, NoCaster? Exc, 7" cloth leads (black/yellow), Flat, non beveled polepieces, 7.8k, 50's type, $45

MIM Tele bridge: black, 10" leads, 8.16k, N, Exc, $20

Tele neck: no cover, G+, A5, cloth leads, 7.78k, $35ea

Early 60's Mustang: black cover, black forbon, .197" polepieces, PE coil wax potted, 5.5k, short original leads (5") $125.00

2 OLD JazzMaster:Yellowed Bakelite(?) Covers, one has black/red cloth leads, other has black/ white, 6.82k/6.64k, 6.64 has cracked cover which can be repaired invisibly, SOLD

57/62 reissue : Black forbon, staggered non-beveled poles, cloth leads 3" long, enamel wire, 6.0k, S, EXC, $35 (new leads +$5)

Strat: current issue, plastic bobbin, A5, Exc+ with white cover, 6k, $30

Gold Lace Sensor: white cover, VG, $SOLD

Red Lace Sensor Humbucker: Black covers, VG+, 14.9k ea side, SOLD

Current issue strat set: aged creme covers, plastic bobbins, staggered a5 poles, exc, $75set


Fralin Vintage Hot: strat pickup, exc condition..$SOLD



OLD Alnico Poled "P-90": Old style plastic bobbin (thin), chrome plated nickle "dogear" p-90 baseplate, "CC" looking flat b/w/b/w 4 layer cover, Repaired (new "paper" connection plate and lead) $???

50's PAF? "square cover", sticker, Non-T-Top, enamel insulated coil wire, rough surface magnet, brass philips head screws, 8.7k, Exc....$?? I bought this from a guy who said he bought it used many years ago, had it in a Les Paul and then removed it and just recently found it again. Lots of pics to help you decide... resoldering of cover, repotting/de-potting at buyers discretion SOLD

60's Gibson Pat Sticker Humbucker: "square" cover, pat # sticker, original solder joints, and here's something a bit odd...Dual shielded leads(one's hot, other's ground). Has some gold paint on it, a couple minor dings. Probably from an earlier ES 345 stereo...7.45k, 6" leads, VG+SOLD

Recent Gibson Humbucker, patent number on bottom (2,737,842), Alnico magnet, 12" "pushback wire" braided shield lead, 8.2k, missing cover, Repaired, Exc, $25 SOLD


Super 70: No cover, gold screw poles, 10" single conductor lead, VG++, $70


WC 40 w/ Pickguard assembly: 4.67k, VG+, pickguard is nice and straight and all there. $ 75.00



Acoustic soundhole pickup: unbranded but pretty nice, built in volume and tone controls VG++ SOLD

Barcus Berry Bass/Cello Transducer: clamps to bridge or headstock, includes preamp/impedance matcher unit VG++ $125.00

Dearmond Copy: 7" leads, 4.9k, includes pickup ring, VG, $20

Univox Humbucker: 70's, From ES 175 copy Univox Pro, Exc- with mounting ring, 6screw poles, 6 rectangular bar poles, needs new leads attached, 4.85k $35 SOLD

Univox Humbucker: 60's, Exc- with mounting ring, 6 large screw poles, 6 smaller screw poles, needs new leads attached, 8.35k, $35/, w/ new leads attached +$5

Univox Humbucker: 70's, GC, with metal mounting ring, Covered PAF type, was gold but few signs of gold left, 7.86k, SOLD

Maxon: 60's-70's, Strat type, chrome cover VG+, 4.6k, $35

Washburn Jazz Bass active pickup, EMG type, 4.25k, VG+, $20.00

**I currently have literally dozens of cheaper import pickups of various types. Some are like new and some are older imports as found on Tokais and Univox etc. Additionally, I usually have several good quality pickups which haven't been listed yet


Wiring color codes and more on the "wiring" page.

RATINGS: F(fair)- ugly, and well used but perfectly functional, G(good)- significant wear and/or discoloration but not abused. VG(very good)- little sign of wear or use, may be some discoloration of metal polepieces, Exc(excellent)- like new. Same criteria are applied to vintage pickups.