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Picture of my most recent project The Telehawk! A thinline Telecaster type design inspired by Fender and the Gibson Nighthawk. The body and neck are made from cherry with maple cap on body. Custom pickups to eliminate wasted space for pickup routes. Neck extends to the bridge. Piezzo Tuneomatic....

Building an Electric Guitar a "how to" photo essay on building the Telehawk guitar from scratch.

Build Your Guitar.com nice site, includes a photo narrative of building a strat type guitar

Musical Instrument Makers Forum great place for anything about building any kind of instrument

Project Guitar.com Just what it says, Tutorials and links to anything and everything relevant. It's a new site which is growing quickly and will be very popular/helpful

Stew Mac parts supplier, cheapest place for parts IF they have what you want and you meet the minimum order.

Allparts parts parts supplier with alot of stuff not carried by the others, kinda expensive retail. Contact me and maybe I can help you out.

Guide to Guitar Building Cad based drawings for a few guitars

Hoffman Guitars.com Guide to building an acoustic guitar

WD Music another parts supplier, kinda expensive retail prices

Warmoth pieces parts

ReRanch all things paint and refinishing tips and "how to's"

N.I.C.E. Guitars A great custom builder and friend of mine in Switzerland. If you get the chance, check out his guitars!