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other usefull links not found elswehere on this site
(guitar building and wiring links are found on those pages)


the Guitar Diner

Harmony Central

Online Manual Archive source for information from alot of manufacturers and misc.

Fender Mr. Gearhead site, guitar setups and more for Fender owned brands

Gibson guitar setups and more

Basic Guitar Setup

ReRanch all things paint and refinishing, Tips and "how to's"

Guitar Notes a links site, everything guitar related is covered here. Alot of links to shops, but also covers repair and building a very good photo essay on cutting a new nut, making a universal nut spacing ruler and others I haven't read (under lutherie and building, repair is just shops it seems) Covers amps and everything else imaginable.

My Guitar Solo.com A pretty cool instructional site for all types of playing and all skill levels.

All Things Strat a links site for things relatevant to the Stratocaster....

If you know of any other stuff that should be included here, let me know!