Pickup testing:
Full series of bench tests for your pickups. Characteristics tested include

resonant peak

LCR tested with a certified calibrated bench meter. Resonant peak is determined by runing calibrated sine wave from a Wavetek 166 function generator thru the pickup and the resulting ac signal measured with a Fluke 8520A rackmount DMM. Resonant peak is given "straight", with a 250k resistance/600pf capacitor and a 500k reistance/600pf capacitance in parallel to simulate pot/cable loads. Distortion is determined using Wandel & Goltermann TMS VF-1 audio test set.

I wouldn't think you would necessarily want this for every pickup you make, but very good information as a baseline for a particular "model" and for comparative information when making a new design...


Contact me: Steven Kersting


FEMM Design Simulation:

Femm simulations of your design to show theoretical magnetic fields. Includes color coded image and plot line of magnetic field strength at string height.

Not to hard to do yourself with the freeware once you learn the program. If you don't want to spend the time learning the program, I'll do the design for you...

Contact me: Steven Kersting


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