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My odd little collection of gear

telehawk2.jpg (50936 bytes)

Scratch built Telehawk, Setneck, Maple cap, Cherry body and neck, rosewood board, P-90, alnico single, Dualtone humbucker, piezzo bridge

tokai.jpg (25496 bytes)

Mid eighties Tokai AST56, boatneck, now has a set of my S-90 pickups in it. Lizard is airbrushed

carvin.jpg (51159 bytes)

1970 Carvin, all original except bridge assembly converted to tune-o-matic, original assembly is in the case. All maple body, P-90's

airline.jpg (47129 bytes)

late 50's Airline, all solid woods, nothing is original, when i got it it was a stripped body missing even the binding, and a neck, my first "restoration"

viking.jpg (48106 bytes)

Early 70's Hagstrom Viking Deluxe. "Elvis Model". Trans cherry over mahogany, all original

swingmaster.jpg (25259 bytes)

Late 60's- early 70's Kay H753, all original except selector switch

c30.jpg (122072 bytes)

Peavey Classic 30, upgraded speaker, master volume mod, Cab is an explosives crate with an alnico "greenback" in it.

6150.jpg (108870 bytes)

1960 Gretsch 6150, pretty much the same as a tweed champ

Univox Limited Edition. '70s, 2 p-90's. Upgraded to an intonable stoptail.

'50's Gibson GA30, and a Tech21 Trademark 10. The Gibson is great for lower volume Blues/ classic rock tones, and thru the Mic input gets pretty "marshally".

Upgraded the tech21 w/ a 10" speaker. Basicly a Sans Amp in Combo form. A really great bedroom amp IMO.


I also have the 40th USA SD Curlee built. Recently sold the Kay 753 above, that was the third one I've owned. I love the tones of those guitars. I'll have another as soon as I find one in translucent green or greenburst.