Building a Telehawk

PG 7


The next step is to fit the top around the fretboard "tongue".

Start by placing one half of the top alongside the tonge at the same height as it will be when finished, mark the end of the tongue.

Next take the cap and place it's booked edge along the body centerline. Place a straightedge along the side of the tongue and transfer that line to the cap.

The marks are then connected to indicate the area to be removed.

This area is then cut out, and as always, "leave the line". Now it's a process of carefully trimming until everything fits very tightly and aligns correctly. I use a sharp chisel and a rasp. It should wind up looking like this...

If you have to remove too much from the sides of the "pocket", rebook the center seem until the sides pull in tight again. A trick to fitting the top to the end of the tongue is to undercut the edge a little. This leaves a finer edge to mate up.

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